Meaningful progress through regular cycles.

We prioritise ruthlessly and plan based on 6-week cycles to make sure we’re always responding to what clients and users need most.

Hill chart diagram showing flow of 6 weeks
Hill chart diagram over 6 weeks

Why it works

Our methodical approach makes us consistent, reliable and transparent. But that doesn’t mean we’re slow: we believe in launching early, validating quickly and improving rapidly.

It means we’re always focusing on what’s most important to meet your business and customer goals.

Our aim is always to end a cycle with something whole and complete, so you’re never left with half-finished designs or loose ends.


Ebbon Intelligence

Revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets.

Proposal to proposition in six weeks: revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets. Ebbon Group have obtained exclusive rights to use a medical-grade AI to detect exterior vehicle damage using a smartphone, vastly reducing the time and cost of repair for fleet managers.

See how we went from proposal to proposition to augmented reality to two six-week cycles

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