Optimising First Mile’s homepage for sales and user experience


Waste and recycling,
sustainability, circular economy


Web design, UX research, conversion optimisation

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First Mile is no ordinary waste management company – they’re champions of the circular economy.

But how do you communicate your range and optimise conversions when you’re famous for bins?

  • Our research started with a full expert review of the current homepage and a deep dive into analytics and heatmaps.
  • We took to the streets and spoke to real small businesses to build a picture of our persona’s needs, pains and expectations.
  • User testing provided specific feedback on new homepage candidates to help us narrow, refine and iterate.
  • Card sorts helped consolidate the IA into a structure based on what users expect and terms based on language they use.
  • The new homepage  and everything we learned along the way sets a strong direction for a full rebrand and redesign to come.

Before and after: a fresh design for a modern and engaging shop window


FM before


FM After

Responding to user feedback: we built a design system around First Mile’s brand identity, with more visible products, benefits and price signposts

FM Styleguide
First Mile - Laptop