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A scalable website builder for the events industry.




UI Design, Design Systems, Information Architecture, Wireframes, UI Design, Design System Creation.

Scottie is a platform that helps artists connect with their audiences.

Scottie is to events what Shopify is to ecommerce: providing a template-based solution for artists and performers to spin up a great looking event or production site or page and integrate with major ticketing systems.

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Fully responsive atomic and scalable design system in Figma.

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The challenge was how to create a white label solution for an industry that revels in standing out from the crowd!

  • We worked with Scottie to design a template-based solution that would allow non-technical artists or producers to quickly create a single-event site based on their theatre poster design.
  • We also created a multi-events page template for production companies advertising multiple shows and dates.
  • All elements and components were logged in a scalable Figma design system to ensure consistency whilst catering for very different design styles
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Keeping the arts alive through the pandemic: a solution to allow patrons to sponsor a seat at their local theatre.

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Designing a multi-event page for companies managing multiple dates and shows.

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