Finding you evidence-driven digital product designers and researchers.

The kind of people we'd hire ourselves, but placed in our clients' teams for permanent, long or short term contracts.

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Evidence-based design (EBD) cycle of problems, goals, ideas and tests

What makes us different to recruitment agencies?

We know the kind of people we'd want to hire: evidence-driven, experienced and great additions to the team. All our people are assessed and interviewed by one of our Partners.

We review portfolios, CVs and online profiles and know what to look for to spot the best candidates.

_ How does it work?

Find the right people

We proactively seek out great product designers. Talented people often get snapped up, so they're probably already working somewhere completely unaware of the opportunities available to them. We find them and let them know.

Send the best candidates to you for interview

By the time you interview one of our candidates you'll know they've already passed through our own checking and approval process. You're ready to interview and hire!

Review portfolios and interview candidates

One of our senior team reviews portfolios and interviews prospective candidates. We know what good work looks like and know what questions to ask to sort the great from the good.

A member of your team, but the benefits of a specialist agency

For shorter placements or fixed term contracts, candidates continue to be part of WAS. That means they have access to our team and wider community of senior designers, researchers and developers for ongoing support and mentorship.

Are you looking for a new opportunity?

We're always looking for talented designers, researchers, UXers and other product people located anywhere in the world for remote and in-person roles.

If you're a methodical and evidence-based designer looking for your next placement we'd love to hear from you.

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