We are Emily, Pier, Coy, Ed, Jasper, John, Ana, Tanya, Becky, and more.

We are a close-knit, cross-functional team located in London, Brighton, Berlin and Beijing. Diverse in our disciplines, we come from design, data and development backgrounds. 



Emily is a digital strategist by trade. For over a decade she's helped marketing and design teams harness evidence for the good of the user. As CEO of We Are Systematic, she continues to rally internal talent, customers and commercials around this long maintained mission. 


Design Lead

Pier is a digital product designer who loves to push great ideas to life through a human-centred approach. Tackling challenging problems is his passion. He occasionally writes and speaks at conferences.


Head of Design

Coy has designed digital products for millions of users around the world. He is a systematic solver of big, complex problems. From product opportunity validation to building design systems that scale, Coy has the unique ability to go deep and work fast on a wide range of design topics.


Ed Baker

Head of Research

Ed is an experienced strategist, user researcher and conversion optimisation (CRO) specialist. He's a proponent of real evidence-driven decision making in the face of vanity metrics, nice-round-numbers and other crimes against data.


Head of Technology

Jasper leads the technology activities at We Are Systematic. He brings over 20 years of experience building, designing and launching digital products in multiple industries such as banking, transportation, media and entertainment.


Senior Visual Designer

Ana is our creative lead. Her works reside on the art side of the design. She is a graphic designer by trade with a passion for all things illustration. Her other specialities include branding, digital and print.


UX Designer

John is a rising talent in the field of UX. He spent four years studying digital media design, earning a first-class honours degree. He works on real-world digital products tackling complex problems and designing products that meet both business and user needs.


UX Analyst

As a UX analyst, Tanya loves digging through research and data to understand how users behave and what they need. She uses evidence to form insights to create architecture and wireframes that are genuinely user-centric.


New Business Manager

As New Business Manager, Kate is passionate about building relationships with brands. Having started her career as a police detective before pivoting her way into the world of digital marketing, Kate believes that great communication is key to any successful project.


Senior UI Designer

Umit is a digital product designer with a focus on design systems. His constant aim is to eliminate friction in the design information-sharing process.


Senior Visual Designer

Miki is a Visual Designer with over 10 years of experience in Branding and Web Design. His focus is crafting useful, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products.


Becky Coleman

Head of Operations

Making sure everything runs smoothly and systematically Becky oversees operations. With a background in production Becky understands how to make sure our team works at their best to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.