We’re committed to being a sustainable, positive-impact company.

Target & impact

One of our core company values is to ‘leave it better than you found it’, and this applies to people and the planet as much as our design work.

This isn’t just slogans, it’s important to us and we know it’s important to our clients too.

Our evidence-based design approach is purposefully lightweight to minimise bloat, debt and carbon footprint.

Our target

Carbon-negative for our past, present and future by 2030.

Our impact

  • 2020: 4 tonnes (removed)

  • 2021: 53 tonnes (removed)

  • 2022: 41 tonnes (removal pending)

  • 2023: 26 tonnes (removal pending)

  • 2024: Currently emitting...

Net zero

Considering the climare and environmental emergecy, we're proud to have joined Tech Zero and Design Declares – communities of design and tech companies joining forces to make faster progress to net zero.

Our Tech Zero membership means we’ve committed to measuring and publishing our scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions. We’ll also publish details of our plans to meet our target and regular updates here to track our progress.

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Carbon reduction plan

2022 – Carbon neutral
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Set net zero target

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Remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as we emit

2025 – Net zero
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Reduce our emissions as far as possible

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Remove all the carbon we’ve ever emitted as a company (also known as historical net zero)

2030 – Net negative
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Remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit to create a positive footprint!

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Continue to find ways to reduce our impact into the future

Partners & tools

As part of our sustainability commitment, we regularly audit our supply chain to ensure we are – where possible – working with partners who are also taking net zero seriously.

As well as improving our own wider footprint, the simple fact of asking difficult questions of our suppliers communicates to them the importance we place on sustainability. The more companies that do this, the more pressure on even the slower movers to take action.

You can access our annual supplier audit results here.

Out partner for measuring, reducing and offsetting our footprint from 2020-2022. Supercritical also produced our annual impact reports for this period. Sadly Supercritical no longer offer footprinting services in order to focus on high quality carbon removals.
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The Projects Club
We’re officially based at The Projects Club on Brighton beach. A lovely bunch of people, a BCorp and on their own Net Zero journey.
The Projects Club logo
Our design and whiteboarding tool of choice, Figma have made bold commitments to being net zero by 2040.
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We encourage our team to use Ecosia as their default search engine. Ecosia put all their profits from web searches into planting trees: over 157 million to date. They also don’t sell your data, which is nice.
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Impact report

Transparency is another of our core values. You’ll be able to read all our impact reports and proof of our carbon removal investments here:

Sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy is available here for anyone to read. As with all our policies, it’s in permanent draft so expect updates and improvements from time to time.

We welcome feedback, send any thoughts to hello@wearesystematic.com or @WAS_Designs on Twitter.

Alternatively, please feel free to borrow any parts that inspire you in creating your own company policy!