Keep your flagship products feeling fresh to ward off disruption

Perfect for mature product teams and enterprises
Revitalise star products to maximise user engagement and customer success
Avoid losing market share to new entrants by maintaining best-in-class quality
Optimsing enterprise products graphic
Optimsing enterprise products graphic

Why it works?

Mature products have a large, often demanding user base and are the subject of intense stakeholder pressure to maintain revenue whilst achieving change goals.

To avoid losing ground to competitors or being blindsided by faster moving new entrants, its vital to keep your flagship offerings relevant with fresh features and a continuous feedback loop with your customers.

Our agile approach helps our clients rejuvenate mature products and breathing new life into them through innovative design, robust user research and evidence-based decision making.

How it works

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Conversion rate optimisation

Through a meticulous cycle of experimentation, insights, and adjustments, we craft bespoke strategies that cater to the discerning tastes of your clientele. This enhances their individualised journey and maximises conversion potential. Our seasoned methodology champions precision, minimises uncertainties, and is firmly rooted in empirical evidence, ensuring your brand's stature remains unparalleled in its class.

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Behavioural design

Leverage psychology and data-driven insights to drive user engagement and better product outcomes. We analyse user behaviour, implement persuasive design techniques, and run A/B tests to ensure a scientific approach. Behavioural design revitalises mature products, enhances user satisfaction, and drives sustained growth in competitive markets.

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People placement

We place designers, researchers and other product specialists with our clients for long and short term contracts. Bolster an existing team, quickly spin up a new squad or bring in new talent without the risk.

The toolkit

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User research

Combining qualitative interviews and analytics to find and scale user insights.

Incorporating user research into mature digital product development empowers data-driven refinements, aligning products with evolving user expectations and ensuring continued relevance, satisfaction, and competitiveness in the market.

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Design systems

Ensure your product portfolio looks and feels consistent and enable efficient feature development.

A design system fosters consistency, efficiency, and scalability even in established development pipelines. It streamlines UI/UX processes, strengthens brand identity, and accelerates time-to-market, yielding enhanced user experiences and growth.

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A/B testing

The key to unlocking unparalleled insights into user preferences. By comparing two versions of a webpage or app, AB testing illuminates which elements resonate most with your audience.

The result? Enhanced user experience, increased conversion rates, and data-driven decisions that propel your brand forward


JATO Dynamics: setting a new standard for customer research at JATO Dynamics.

  • Drafted a research plan to make sure before we looked for answers, we were asking the right questions
  • Filled a new research repository with evidence from customer interviews, tagged and categorised by theme for future analysis
  • Visualised our findings as personas, value proposition canvasses, customer journeys and prioritised jobs-to-be-done
  • Presented our conclusions back to senior stakeholders, prompting thoughtful discussions between teams.

See how we went from proposal to proposition to augmented reality to two six-week cycles:

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