Revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets.


Ebbon Intelligence


Artificial intelligence



Phase 1

Proposal to proposition in six weeks: revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets.


Evidence-based design

User Research



Ebbon Group have obtained exclusive rights to use a medical-grade AI to detect exterior vehicle damage using a smartphone, vastly reducing the time and cost of repair for fleet managers.

What we did

In one six-week cycle of evidence-based design we:

  • Interviewed experts and potential customers
  • Blueprinted and mapped the core app and service
  • Created high fidelity prototypes to bring the idea to life
  • Used guerilla testing methods to quickly and cheaply test the concept using our own phones and vehicles
  • Set out a prioritised product roadmap based on what needs to happen now, next, then and later to develop the concept with minimal risk and maximum chance of success.
Ebbon Desktop 1
Ebbon Desktop 2
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Guerilla testing: doing the simplest useful thing to test an idea with our own phones and vehicles.

Ebbon 4

See how we went from proposal to proposition to augmented reality to two six-week cycles

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