Design new product ideas and features with confidence

Perfect for new products, ideas or startups
Quickly design and test new concepts in short timeboxed cycles of test-and-learn
Explore new value propositions for product-market fit
Avoid innovation theatre by prioritising action and showing tangible results
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Why it works?

Product innovation, untested ideas and new value propositions can be risky. According to HBR, 30,000 new products are introduced each year, 95% of which fail.

Our sprint cycle model dramatically de-risks new product development by allowing for quick course correction in response to test outcomes.

We do this by time-boxing new product design into short sprints or cycles of no more than 6 weeks at a time.

This allows enough time to test a concept properly, learn and course-correct without exceeding our appetite for risk.

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Many innovations fail because they introduce products without real need for them... not taking the necessary time to understand the customers’ true needs.

Svafa Grönfeldt — MIT

Designing innovation around the customer need

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1. Set objectives

Plan our target outcomes and be clear on how success will be measured.

A problem well defined is a problem half solved.

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2. Prioritise

If a problem is too big or risky, first make it smaller.

Break big questions down into smaller, manageable scopes in order of importance.

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3. Test early

The earlier you can course-correct, the better.

We look for the simplest useful tests to run and build confidence before investing in development.

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4. Learn & Repeat

Agility comes from the ability to learn quickly and respond.

Short cycles minimises decision debt and allows us to respond quickly to new contexts.

The toolkit

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Personas and value proposition design

Find and prove product-market-fit

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User interviews & testing

Quickly test concepts through 1-2-1 sessions with real users

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No-code prototyping

Get as-real feedback before investingin costly development.

Introducing ProductSweet

ProductSweet is a ground-up rethinking of the product management toolkit, built for design thinking and evidence-based decision making.

Kanban boards are great, but they are spaces to run projects not spaces for product thinking. ProductSweet is designed to fill the critical gaps in conventional project management tools.

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Ebbon Intelligence: Revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets.

Proposal to proposition in six weeks: revolutionising damage detection for car and van fleets.

Ebbon Group have obtained exclusive rights to use a medical-grade AI to detect exterior vehicle damage using a smartphone, vastly reducing the time and cost of repair for fleet managers.

See what we did in one six-week cycle of evidence-based design

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