A member of your team, with all the benefits of the specialist agency

Our goal is to de-risk all aspects of digital product design and development – including finding great people to get the job done.

Whether you’re looking to spin up a new team from scratch, or locate that one ‘unicorn’ to take you to the next level, finding the right people the old way can be a long and difficult process.

Fast and flexible, our strategic placement contracts provide highly experienced product designers for as long as you need them.

People Placements graphic
People Placements graphic

What is people placement?

If you don’t want to outsource your product design, but need the flexibility of a contract and like the security and quality of working with a larger agency, people placement combines the best of these worlds.

Our agency designers can be fully embedded in your team for the long term. The flexibility of a contractor, but the consistency of an agency. The kind of people we hire, but dedicated to your team and business objectives.

Why choose placement over traditional recruitment?

Designer placement can play a pivotal role in enhancing your team’s capabilities and driving your business forward.

Here's why it matters:

Truly exceptional designers graphic

Truly exceptional designers

Our evidence-based approach attracts talented designers from all backgrounds, specialisms and industries. We value smart, structured thinkers who can lead a strategic discussions and ask the right questions as well as deliver well-crafted design work.

Quick and easy onboarding graphic

Quick and easy onboarding

Skip the long and arduous candidate selection process and be ready to get started with a great candidate at short notice. We’re constantly expanding our network of great people so can draw on a large pool of talent to respond to your brief.

Support for the long-term graphic

Support for the long-term

Our placements are not just about filling a role; they're about fostering great working relationships by matching the right people to the right positions. Designer can draw on peer support and access specialists from the agency whenever they need, and we’re always ready to respond to your changing needs and goals.

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How does it work?

Our approach to people placement is rooted in finding people who are both talented and great people to work with.

Matching profiles icon

Matching profiles to your brief

We take the time to understand your unique people needs and your organisational culture. We then meticulously match talent to your requirements.

We know design icon

We know design, and we know designers

Our partners are experienced product designers themselves and have an intimate understanding of UX and design specialisms. All our team are interviewed and assessed by an agency partner, ensuring you get the best fit.

Thinking outside the box icon

Thinking outside the box

We don't just stop at placement; we offer ongoing support to ensure a smooth integration. Plus, our DesignOps consultancy services can also help with organisational and process design to help you get the best from your people.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started? If you're ready to elevate your team with top-tier design talent, contact us to discuss how our strategic people placements can make a difference.

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We’re a carbon-neutral company and have set an ambitious target to be net carbon negative by 2030.

Read more about our commitments and progress to date on our sustainability page.